Pain Relief Laser

Centennial Wellness Center offers the latest cold laser treatments for pain relief management!

The PL-Touch Laser
uses innovative cold laser technology to promote natural healing of the body.

Unlike drugs or traditional surgery, the PL-Touch laser is completely painless and causes no downtime or adverse side effects. The device uses extremely low levels of light that neither burn nor scar the skin like traditional lasers. Patients don’t feel any discomfort when treatments are administered and, following treatment, are able to return to normal activity and enjoy the remainder of their day without interruption.

The versatility of our PL-Touch laser treatments allows us to target a range of conditions, including chronic plantar fasciitis, chronic neck and shoulder pain, and other painful conditions.

The XLR8
handheld laser uses low-level laser therapy (LLLT) to alter cellular functions and provide noticeable pain relief.

The XLR8 laser’s cold laser technology offers an effective alternative to drugs, which often have adverse side effects and can potentially become addictive, and traditional pain relief surgery, which frequently involves anesthesia, pain, and scarring. Our cold laser pain relief treatments carry no side effects, scarring, burning, or downtime. Patients have a safer, more pleasant experience while still seeing significant symptom relief.

The innovative technology featured in the XLR8 laser is used to target several painful conditions including an adjunct to painful liposuction procedures of thighs, hips, and stomach, chronic neck and shoulder pain, and post-surgery pain.

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