Wellness Services

Centennial Wellness Center is founded upon the belief that health is wealth!  Obtaining optimal health is not only about living a life that is free of pain and discomfort but also about living a life in balance.  Our holistic approach to wellness is designed to balance the structural, chemical, and emotional factors within the body to restore the integrity of the nervous system.  This process generates vital energy which enables to the body to heal itself!

Our wellness services target the underlying causes of health conditions rather than focusing solely on the symptoms.  We consider the factors that contribute to your overall physical and mental health and create individualized treatments plans to address each patient’s specific needs.  Using various techniques, we promote holistic health and help patients optimize their wellness!   

Mind and Body Wellness
To achieve optimal health, one must be well in both body and mind.  Centennial Wellness Center offers a variety of mind and body wellness treatments to help patients transcend common issues beyond what can be achieved solely through chiropractic treatments.  Our unique approach to mind and body wellness promotes awareness and active participation in self-healing, incorporating several ancient healing traditions such as yoga philosophy, energy psychology, intuition, meditation, Buddhist psychology, and spiritual wisdom.

The Yogatsu Institute
We have partnered with Alice Strauss, founder of The Yogatsu Institute to provide spiritual classes, workshops, HEARTandSOLE Japanese Foot Acupressure, and one-on-one In-Tu-It™ Yoga Therapy.  Our workshops are designed to help our patients move through specific life-challenges such as parenting, relationships, addictions, anger management, depression, finances, and life purpose. We offer several fun and interesting courses that deal with intuition, energy psychology, dream work, and aura sensing. 

Our HEARTandSOLE Japanese Foot Acupressure is a gentle and fascinating healing therapy that combines foot acupressure, energy medicine, and spiritual psychology.  Like reflexology, HEARTandSOLE relaxes the body, calms the mind, and regulates energy flow, ultimately taking healing to a deeper level.   In-Tu-It™ Yoga Therapy shares the same goals as traditional Hatha yoga but adds a conscious connection between the physical body, the emotions that influence the body, the thoughts that influence those emotions, and the intuitive wisdom that radiates out from the soul.

Custom Orthodics/Foot Levelers

The feet are the foundation of the body. They provide the necessary stability to perform daily activities by supporting the weight of the entire body using a strong, 3-arched bond called the plantar vault.  If you experience pain daily or struggle with plantar fasciitis or low back pain, custom orthodics may help!

Centennial Wellness Center offers custom orthodics to stabilize the feet, balance the musculoskeletal system, and bring health and healing to the whole body.  We offer in-office custom fitting for Foot Levelers Stabilizing Custom Orthodics.  These individually designed orthodics offer 3-arch support to provide a balanced foundation for your body, protect and support your feet, and ultimately help balance your body to alleviate pain.

Proper body alignment is critical in every aspect of life.  When you’re hunched over your desk at work, head down looking at your cell phone, or sleeping on your stomach, you’re forcing your body to work against its natural design. Poor posture puts your body out of alignment, causing unnecessary stress on your muscles and joints, resulting in nagging pains and headaches.  Recognizing your bad posture habits and making small changes can make a big difference!

Centennial Wellness Center offers posture alignment therapy.  Using a holistic exercise technique that leverages gravity and a person’s own body weight to improve alignment and balance, we can help naturally eliminating the underlying causes of pain and physical limitation.